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I hold a joint position as Senior Research Officer in the Department of Economics at University College London, Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM), and as Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Economics at University of Hohenheim, Germany.
I am also affiliated with CESifo and IZA.

My research focus is Applied Econometrics, concentrated on Public, Labor/Education, Health, and Regional, with a particular interest in Policy Evaluation.


Forthcoming: "Goodbye Smokers' Corner: Health Effects of School Smoking Bans", joint with Mirjam Reutter and Kristina Strohmaier, The Journal of Human Resources, 2018 (downloadable here).

Published: "The Importance of Tax Adjustments when Evaluating Wage Expectations", joint with Stefan Klößner, The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 2019, 121:2, 578-605 (downloadable here).

Published: "Illuminating the World Cup Effect: Night Lights Evidence from South Africa", joint with Fabian Wahl and Martyna Marczak, Journal of Regional Science, 2018, 58:5, 887-920 (downloadable here).

Published: "Comparative Politics and the Synthetic Control Method Revisited: A Note on Abadie et al. (2015)", joint with Stefan Klößner, Ashok Kaul, and Manuel Schieler, Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics, 2018, 154:11 (downloadable here).

Published: "Cross-Validating Synthetic Controls", joint with Martin Becker and Stefan Klößner, Economics Bulletin, 2018, 38:1, 603-609 (downloadable here).

Published: "Outside the Box: Using Synthetic Control Methods as a Forecasting Technique", joint with Stefan Klößner, Applied Economics Letters, 2018, 25:9, 615-618 (downloadable here).

Published: "The Incidence of Cash for Clunkers: Evidence from the 2009 Car Scrappage Scheme in Germany", joint with Ashok Kaul and Stefan Witte, International Tax and Public Finance, 2016, 23, 1093-1125 (downloadable here).

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Department of Economics
University College London
Drayton House, 30 Gordon Street, London, UK